About Tammy

Tamara Munoz, LCSW, MSW, BSW

Owner and Therapist

Tamara is very passionate about helping others achieve their goals. Her holistic approach aides clients in recognizing their strengths. She uses humor and compassion to reflect obstacles that sometimes a client’s environment or even themselves unconsciously create. They work together using tools and skills to reach their life goals. For some, they may feel like they know intellectually what to do but have trouble taking action. This is where Tamara comes in; to help them Build the Bridge to their success.

Tamara is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Indiana. She obtained this licensure in 2003. She graduated from Indiana University with a masters degree in social work in 2000. She achieved her bachelor of social work in 1998 also from Indiana University. She has extensive experience working with individuals, couples and families in Central Indiana. Her experience in medical social work helping others navigate their acute and chronic medical conditions including kidney issues is an asset. Tamara has over 12 years of clinical experience in a private practice setting. Tamara uses many theoretical approaches including cognitive behavioral therapy, psycho-educational, strengths perspective, crisis intervention, trust based relational intervention, validation therapy and family systems theory.