Tamara has over 20 years of experience in Social Work and has worked in outpatient mental health counseling for 14 years serving Hendricks County and our Surrounding Communities.

Bridge to Mental Health welcomes and works with people of all genders, ethnicities, religions and sexualities. Tamara softly explains “My role is not to make your life look like what I think it should be but what You want it to look like. I consider it a privilege to walk beside you on this journey.”


Personal Growth

Tamara helps professionals manage their personal and professional development. “Sometimes I serve as a Bridge between knowing what we need to do intellectually and actually putting it into practice in our daily lives,” explains Tamara. We can love our work. We can also feel like we are going through the motions and wanting more satisfaction in our career. Our services are confidential, judgement-free and tele-health allows for easy access to your appointments. Your time is valuable and working on your self-development is a powerful strength!

Pandemic & Chronic Health Conditions

Coping with your Stress may take more than deep breathing exercises. Gaining insight and shifting the way you manage your past traumas can positively impact our coping with today’s traumatic events. Tamara has training and years of experience working with individuals who are managing chronic medical conditions like kidney disease, chronic pain and brain diseases like drug abuse and even addiction. Like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, addiction is caused by a combination of behavioral, environmental and biological factors, states the Center on Addiction. Abuse can be defined as when the negatives of a behavior begin to out weigh the positives. Tamara can help you navigate these complex challenges to develop new coping skills to manage stress and Find Your Best Self Yet!

Life’s Movements

We can grieve the loss of a relationship, a loved one or a loss of employment. During these transitions, we may experience all of the above even. Our families also change throughout our lives and we may struggle. Additional support can make a marked change to improve our lives including relationships.

Ages 8-18 (and all the way up past 88.)

Children, Tween and Teens each have their own strengths and challenges. They have developmental milestones that can exacerbate grief and loss. They can struggle while figuring out who they are and what healthy relationships look like. Gaining insight in understanding themselves and their loved ones around them can be a game changer for the entire family. Tamara’s down to earth and straight forward style often creates a very comfortable and effective therapeutic relationship.


So many times a couple will describe their toughest struggle in their relationship is poor communication. This can represent so many challenges in crossing the bridge to developing a healthier relationship. “Therapy is a safe place and a judgment free zone,” states Tamara. Learning new ways to talk and communicate with one another more effectively results in more connection and less resentment.

Personality Disorders

Sometimes we do what we know; an auto-response. Certain behaviors may have even been a strength at one point to help us survive abuse or neglect. Now, one might find that it’s hard to turn off those behaviors and the negatives are out weighing the positives from these skills. These behaviors can be labeled as Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissism, Codependency, etc. Our work together can increase your insight and self-awareness and you can learn new tools that will result in more positive outcomes than negatives.

Focus & Attention Issues

These symptoms can impact so much more than education alone. We can see it affect family relationships, friendships and social skills. In adults, we may see negative impact on uncontrolled symptoms in work performance. For some, we may see issues of depression and anxiety secondary to their uncontrolled symptoms of ADHD. We may even see mood improve and anxiety lesson when one gains a greater understanding of how their brain is wired. One begins to understand that this is not a character issue but a biological one.

Specific examples Tamara works with in her practice include:

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (Type 1, 2, and 3 officially)
  • Anxiety & Stress
  • Career Transitions
  • Chronic Health Conditions
  • Coping through Divorce
  • Depression
  • Empowering Sexuality
  • Gender Identity Challenges
  • Grief and Loss
  • Helping Difficult Relationships (mom, dad, siblings, children, etc)
  • Personal Growth and Development
  • Relationships & Dating
  • Retirement Adjustments
  • Supporting Parents who have an Adult Child Struggling with Alcohol and Drug Abuse Issues.

Today, you might be feeling like something needs to change in your life. Here you are exploring ways to get unstuck. You are so Brave! Part of our work will be helping you learn how to own your successes and strengths. There might be times when you feel uncomfortable in making changes. It can be scary. Remember, I will be right by your side as we walk over this bridge toward your success.

Your Therapist, Tamara

Scheduling and Rates

Secure Client Area

Bridge to Mental Wellness provides a secured client area for convenient online scheduling. There are easy and quick forms to complete in this area prior to your intake session. Please call if you have trouble with navigating within technology or internet connections and speeds and Tamara can help.

Tamara can see persons who reside in all of Indiana as this is the state she is licensed to practice. At this time, you must also be physically present inside Indiana during our delivery of services due to Indiana licensing requirements.

In-Person appointments are available by appointment in the office in Brownsburg, Indiana. Online appointments via Videocalls are also available by appointment.

Enter the Secure Client Area

Rates & Cancellation Policy

Bridge to Mental Wellness is focused on delivering excellent therapeutic care for you. Fees are due at time of service through HSA or credit card. Fee will be collected at start of session. A superbill can be provided upon request to allow you to submit it to your insurance provider for possible out-of-network benefits if you so desire. Anthem Insurance is accepted. Tamara is accepting new patients at this time.

55 minute Initial Intake is $165.

55 minute Session is $140.

Cancellations must occur 24 hours or more before your scheduled session. Late cancels (less that 24 hours before session) or no shows will be assessed a $95 fee to the credit card on file.

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